Water Damage Restoration.

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Grand Rapids, MI, water damage restoration

If not handled properly, even small-scale water intrusions can cause major damage to your home and be a serious problem. Trust the professionals.

We have seen it over and over. The icemaker line leaks behind the fridge. The dishwasher or washing machine malfunctions, dumping gallons of contaminated water into your home. A toilet line pulls loose or a pipe breaks while you are out to dinner. A sewer line cracks or backs up, leaving your living space soaked with highly contaminated sewage.

Within minutes, moisture-sensitive materials swell and disfigure. Electronics and paper goods are ruined and furniture stains appear on carpeting, which can be permanent.

Within hours, water is absorbed by the drywall, which then softens and becomes a harbor for harmful microbial growth. Wooden furniture can become permanently damaged from discoloration and swelling. Carpeting can suffer from delamination, the separation of the carpeting from its backing. Subfloor and structural studs absorb moisture to the core. You may be able to see 80% of the water, but the rest will wick and drip and absorb into building materials and can only be found by a trained professional with proper moisture detection equipment.

Within days, mold and bacteria begin to grow and flourish. Unpleasant odor may begin to permeate the structure. Without proper attention, hardwood floors can be ruined due to warping and mold damage underneath. If your home or property has been affected by an unexpected water intrusion, the water damage restoration team at Flagship can dry and restore your property quickly and effectively.

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