Mold Remediation.

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Mold Remediation Procedures

Flagship Restoration adheres to a proven 5 step system for proper mold remediation:

1. Address the Source of the Problem. Mold removal is a complete waste of money if the property owner doesn't first address the conditions that caused mold in the first place. We can help determine the cause and make recommendations for repair.

2. Establish Containment. Containment is used during the mold remediation process to prevent mold spores from spreading to other portions of the building. Without proper containment, you'll likely cause more harm to your building and your health.

3. Remove Mold Damaged Materials

  • Non-porous and semi-porous materials can usually be recovered.
  • Porous materials, such as carpeting and significantly damaged sheetrock often must be removed.
  • Solid wood such as framing rarely requires removal.
  • Particle board and OSB are damaged more easily and often require removal.

4. Clean Environment Inside Containment & Remaining Contents

  • HEPA vacuum all remaining items
  • Clean with antimicrobial / mildicide
  • Washing clothing at commercial¬†laundromat¬†
  • Wet wipe all walls and surfaces

5. Job Completion Documentation

  • Customer walkthrough offered prior to final billing
  • Final Report including before/after photos
  • Statement of Warranty for the life of the building, transferrable to any new owners
  • As may be required, post-remediation Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Start here to find answers to questions about mold damage and the cleanup process.

Mold Remediation FAQ